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About Us

Dynamo Sports Foundation is a charitable organization that develops community sports in London. Our objectives are to increase the number of participants of community sports, improvement of sport facilities and delivery of different activities for children, young people and adults to build stronger communities.

Currently we are running different programmes in London boroughs of Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark. We deliver activities for children like PE lessons in primary schools, after school clubs, soccer schools, organizing community football teams and leagues. For young people we have programmes to create routes into training, education and employment by providing personal support, motivation to inspire future generations. These programmes cover a range of issues, from healthy lifestyles, to danger of involvement into gangs, crime and carrying weapons. For adults we run our Keep Fit and Stay Active programme by delivering basketball and tennis sessions, as well as running football teams.

Social Inclusion

Promoting healthy lifestyles as well as inspiring young people who are at the risk of social exclusion using the power of sport is paramount to us.​ Encouraging people to be active through sport is one of the best preventions against anti social behavior and crime.

One of our objectives is increasing the number of participants of sports in the capital. We try to work with range of age groups starting with young children and finishing with elderly. The main point of this is to get people active and promote healthy lifestyles as well as to inspire young people aged 11-25 who are at risk of social exclusion using the power of sport. It is important that we give the encouragement to sport, as it is one of the best prevention of anti-social behaviour and street crime.


Our coaches and volunteers build trusting relationships between staff and participants providing personal support to young people and developing their potential. Physical Education and sports is part of a learning experience for

One of our long term objectives is to improve sports facilities and insuring that people of all backgrounds, age and gender have equal opportunities to participate in sports. Dynamo Youth Football Club is a part of our charity, which is affiliated to London FA and accredited as the FA Charter Standard Development Club. Our teams compete in London County and South East London and Kent Leagues. 

children and adults. This is why we deliver a range of activities in primary schools, youth clubs and leisure centres all over London. Football, Basketball, Boxing, Track and Field, and Tennis are the sports that we cover at the moment.

We tend to focus on young people aged 16-25, who are neither working or at school, but are looking for a career in sports. Some may have been discouraged

about becoming professional athletes, and giving these young ones an opportunity to get involved in coaching, is a detterent from resorting to gangs and crime.

Community sports coach is a profession that we are trying to develop, find funding for and create more full-time and part-time jobs in the UK. Sometimes we put young volunteers to assist some experienced coaches, to get the knowledge, experience and across. Motivation and support is something our mentor coaches use to inspire young talent and make them believe in what they could actually achieve in the future.

Our future plain is to expand our work to other London boroughs, cover as many sports as we can by delivering high quality sessions and start disability sport projects as well as getting more female and girls involved in the activities. The population of the boroughs we currently work in is quite high, and there is a huge demand for our activities. There are over 2 million people living in Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark boroughs, which allows us to create community projects of social inclusion, create more jobs and get more and more people active every week.


’We are planning to have a free open door policy for the facilities that we are going to manage. This would allow people to enjoy themselves in a calm and safe environment. I believe that an open door policy would attract attention of the younger generation, and it would be great to see them off the streets playing football or basketball’

                                     –  Alexander, 38, Trustee

Coach Education & Development

Coach Education Community Programme is designed to allow young, inspired coaches to get coaching experience, attend sports coaching courses that lead to employment opportunities within their communities.


From 2012 to 2016, we have sent over 30 young volunteer coaches on courses to get the knowledge and qualifications as well as providing them with experience working with children and adults all over London.​ The coaching courses that were attended by our volunteers were Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Football, Basketball, Tennis and Multisport as well as Youth Awards.

It is very important to us that young people who are not in education or work can get involved in our organization, get experience and discover new career paths and opportunities for the future. It is also nice to see how some people get involved in volunteering with Dynamo, progress thoughout the years and progress into work with professional clubs and sports organizations.

’Working and coaching sport to younger children has made me more alert and commited. It’s an amazing and fun experience. Doing volunteering for my community also helps to maximise the benefits of other people’s needs. I would like to see more young females getting involved in this dynamic Dynamo Sports Foundation.’

                                                 - Karishma, 17, Catford,

                                                    Sports Coach / College Student.

Facility Development

We strongly believe that good coaching on high quality facilities is the key for organizing any sports activities. Due to lack of modern sports facilities and high prices from the private sector in many London boroughs, it is very difficult for local communities to get involved in sports.

Many clubs, youth and adult organizations are struggling to maintain their work due to high prices, so we strongly believe that these projects should benefit all people in the local area especially those who cannot afford it. People of all ages, genders, backgrounds and sexual orientation should have the right to participate in sports.

Our plan is to work with The Football Association, Football Foundation, local councils and other governing bodies to improve sport facilities in London Boroughs of Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark. Mainly we are looking to build new football pitches, running tracks, tennis and basketball courts, that would be affordable to the local community.

Our project management team is offering a high range of services including business plans and proposals, facility management and other services that will provide local communities with modern sport facilities, employment as well as generating revenue for local authorities.

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