Our Partners

Our main community partners are Charlton Athletic Football Club and Coerver Coaching. Charlton provides us with a match kit, tickets for Championship matches and stadium tours. Coerver Coaching provides us with an exclusive coaching programme for our teams and community groups, online video support and it is a pleasure to be partners with Wold's #1 recognized organization like Coerver. 


We also wanted to thank Jack Pethey Foundation for supporting young projects, London Eyes for donation free tickets to our club members and staff, BNY Mellon for helping us purchase essential equipment and pitch hire, and McDonal's as a grassroot football partners with Football Foundation and London Football Association for grants and other community support.

Sponsor Us

Our organization is currently looking for a sponsor, team sponsors, fundraisers, event organizers and anyone who can help our club grow and continue developing the beautiful game of football in South London. 


We see our sponsors as long-term partners and their support means we can purchase essential training and match equipment, train on high quality pitches, plan the best coaching programmes, develop our coaches with required updated qualifications and give as much as we can to the local community.


As our organization is growing and we welcome enquiries and proposals from potential sponsors from the UK and abroad for the upcoming 2019-2020 season. We are also looking for big long-term investments, that could in the future help developing facilities for our club and building potential community 3G pitches.


Apart from playing in local leagues in South East/West London areas, our teams play matches with professional club academies nationwide and participate in international tournaments overseas. One of the biggest success worldwide our club gained was when we become European Champions by winning the Europa Cup tournament in Lisbon in 2017.


If interested in sponsorship please fill in the form on the right or email us - info@dynamosportsfoundation.org

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Our Sponsors and Community Partners


Kit Manufacturer and Supliers

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