''Sport has the power to unite people of all backgrounds, religion, and gender. Sport can change people’s mind and bring them together as a happy family. It breaks down racial barriers. Dynamo Sports Foundation is a team of talented young coaches and sport ambassadors that work really hard to unite people and give everyone an opportunity to participate in sports. Our hard work and dedication makes a huge difference to the lives of people we work with'' –


                                                          Alexander Shishkunov, 35, Trustee 

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At Dynamo Youth we believe that Coach Education has a massive impact on development of young players. Our coaches have to be the best they can be to raise a new generation of skillful technical players and never stop learning.  We are with the World's #1 Teaching Method - Coerver Coaching and we believe that by providing Staff Training and courses to our coaches we are developing football, building the bridge between pro

academies and amateur clubs. By using Coerver method we also increase the interest of players actually willing to come and learn how to play the game and progress to the next stage. We are always looking for talented coaches to join our team, so if you have what it takes to become a Coerver Coach send your CV to info@dynamosportsfoundation.org

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